What we are doing to keep you safe

Guidance for booking an appointment

To keep you safe during your visit to the practice, we have implemented numerous measures.

To keep you safe during your visit to the practice, we have implemented numerous measures listed below

1 – Appointment spacing

We are spacing appointment times to ensure no more than two clients (and on most days, two staff) will be in practice at any one time. Therefore clinic days and times are limited for the moment. Please book soon before they fill up.

If you are vulnerable or particularly concerned, we can arrange for you to be the only client in practice throughout your appointment, please let us know as this will affect the type of appointment we can offer.

All staff and patients shall observe social distancing except where clinically impossible. Seating areas and testing areas have been designed to aid this.

2 – A strict appointment-only policy. No drop-ins

Please read on at the bottom of this document to see if you can or need to book an appointment.
We will be using a lock door policy. We will ask you to wait outside before being let in at your appointment time (not before). If you arrive early, please remain in your car or outside while respecting social distancing.

3 – Health Screening

All clients, staff and visitors will be subject to a health screening before their appointment to ensure they or their family and contacts have no symptoms of COVID-19

4 – Remote Consultations

Telephone consultations will be conducted in place of some eye examinations to ensure you can get the care you need without attending the practice if appropriate.

5 – Hygiene & Sanitising

All patients will be asked to wear a mask or face covering (except very young children or those who have difficulty breathing while wearing a mask). If you do not have a mask, we can supply one for a small charge of £1.oo.

Clients will be required to remove any gloves, sanitise their hands on entry to the practice as well as throughout their visit and on exit.

The strictest levels of hygiene will be observed with all equipment, including trial frames and lenses and consulting rooms being sanitised between visits. Including the use of UVC sterilisation.

6 – The use of PPE

Our staff will be wearing masks. If they need to come within 2m to perform specific tasks, then they will also be wearing a face shield or using a screen and wearing disposable gloves. PPE will be replaced on a per client basis as per guidelines.

7 – Minimising contact

To minimise your time in the practice, if you have an eye examination appointment we will send an email questionnaire and or telephone consultation before your appointment to ask all the usual questions that we would normally ask in the consulting room. Some examinations may be different to those you have experienced before to meet current recommendations.

We ask patients to attend alone unless under 18 or require a chaperone.

8 – Atmosphere

Where possible we will have windows and doors open, in order to have a natural source of fresh air thought the practice.

9 – Changes to our facilities

At this time we are not offering refreshments.
Our bathroom facilities will not be available at this time.

10 – Trying on spectacles

You can still try on spectacles and face coverings can be removed provided you are not within 2m of anyone. We will sanitise any frames that are touched or tried on using UVC light before being used again.

11- Repairs and adjustments

If your spectacles need repair or adjustment you will be asked to remove your frame, clean it with a disinfecting wipe before we take it from you. We will use new disposable gloves to handle each pair of spectacles. Your spectacles will be UVC sterilised before they are returned to you
If you have any questions please telephone the practice at any time.

12 – How to book an appointment

Following regulatory advice, we are now able to open the practice for all essential eye care. Some routine procedures are not included in this, so please read on or telephone the practice to see if you can or need to book an appointment now.

13 – I have an eye emergency

Eye emergencies may include but are not exclusive to injury, chemical burn, foreign body in eye, sudden redness/pain (especially in contact lens patients), sudden changes to your vision, new floaters, flashing lights in your vision, scotomas (blank spots) or distortion to your vision. If you have an eye emergency, please contact us by telephone immediately. We can triage your condition over the phone before directing you to the appropriate place, for example, an appointment with us or at the eye department in the hospital.

14 – I would like new spectacles.

Yes, you can book an appointment. If your prescription is up to date and you never replaced them after your last eye examination, or you are making do with old spectacles which aren’t up to standard, or if those spectacles are in poor repair please book a spectacle dispensing appointment. If you are due an eye examination or feel your vision has changed since your last eye examination, then please book in for an eye examination. Unfortunately at this moment in time you will not be able to use your own frames, this policy will be reviewed at a later time.

15 – I am overdue an eye examination

If you are due a routine examination and have not experienced any change to your vision, symptoms or don’t need new spectacles and haven’t been advised previously that you require more frequent monitoring then it may be safe to delay your appointment at this time. This can be different for every person and therefore if you have any questions or concerns then please contact us and we can advise if you need to be seen.

16 – Dry eyes

If you are experiencing dry eye symptoms such as gritty, sore, watery or itchy eyes then please telephone the practice. A telephone consultation to determine if we need to see you in person. In most cases, treatment can be changed without seeing you.

17 – Contact lenses

You can order repeat contact lenses by telephoning the practice. If you are due for a contact lens check, we will conduct a telephone consultation (chargeable at £20 unless you are on direct debit) and only book you in if necessary. Routine contact lens consultations are likely to resume in the next few months.

At present we are not taking on any new patients who want to try contact lenses for the first time as conducting new contact lens fit, and teaches can mean being in close proximity for up to an hour. We will let you know when we resume this service.

18 – Repeat scans and other tests

If we have asked you to return before your next eye examination is due to repeat specific tests or monitor your eye condition, we will now be able to carry out these tests. Please telephone the practice so we can book an appointment for you.

19 – Children’s eye tests

If your child has an essential need for an eye test, then we can conduct it at this time. Essential needs would include but limited to, for example, a change to their eyesight, the onset of double vision or a squint (or worsening if already present), broken spectacles, other symptoms such as headaches. Routine sight tests should be delayed at this stage but we hope they will be possible in the near future.

20 – I need sunglasses

Sunglasses are essential for protecting the eyes from UV light and also enabling safe vision, especially when driving. They can also help some clients who suffer from migraines. Therefore please book an appointment to come in and choose a new pair.

21 – Repairs and adjustments

Please book an appointment and we can carry this out with minimal contact.

Please contact us

For any information regarding any of these points