We appreciate the trust you place in us when you choose us to provide your child’s eye care…

We offer our expert professional advice and a friendly service guaranteed to make your child’s visit a happy one.

The NHS covers the cost of the sight test for under 16’s and under 19’s if they are in full time education.

If glasses are needed we issue an NHS voucher which will help towards the cost of eyewear or contact lenses.

Lazer eyewear is a cool range of children’s frames we offer free with the NHS voucher at Alton Murphy.

Children should be seen by an Optometrist before they start school. The earlier any visual problems are detected…the better!

Poor eyesight can have significant effects on children’s behaviour and ability to learn.

Some tell tale signs to look out for –

  • Rubbing their eyes frequently
  • Straining their eyes to see better
  • Sitting to close to the TV or holding a book to close
  • Complaining of headaches
  • Straining there eyes to see better

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