Contact lenses

There are many different types of contact lenses available, you can rely on our experienced contact lens Opticians to find the most suitable type of lens for your needs.

Lens options

Lens Type Features Benefits
Daily Disposable Perfect for occasional and full time wear. Throw away every day. Hygienic, no cleaning required, convenient and hassle free.
Reusable Good oxygen lens. Excellent vision. Cost effective, convenient.
Extended Wear Extremely high oxygen lens. New revolutionary material. Convenient, clear vision at all times.
Toric Suitable for people with astigmatism. Good vision.
Multifocal Focus on both far and near distances. Good vision.

Daily disposable

An ideal option for people who lead active and busy lifestyles.

They are the ultimate in convenience and comfort:

  • Fresh new contact lenses every wear
  • Cleaning solution not required
  • Ideal for sport and occasional wear
  • Suitable for holidays
  • Available in most prescriptions including Multifocal and Toric

Extended wear

Extended wear lenses are designed to be worn comfortably and safely for several days and nights.

  • Superior oxygen delivery for healthy eyes
  • Ideal for those who don’t like the daily hassle of insertion and removal
  • Ultimate comfort even in the most challenging environment


  • Convenience of seeing distance and near
  • Additional reading glasses not required
  • Available in daily, reusable and extended wear lenses


  • 2 weekly or monthly disposable options available
  • Great comfort and value
  • Excellent choice for frequent lens wear
  • Easy cleaning regime
  • Available in most prescriptions including multifocal and toric


Our highly qualified Optometrists can also fit a variety of non standard contact lenses. These include rigid gas permeable lenses and specialist made to order lenses.


These lenses ate for the correction of astigmatism:

  • Crisp and stable vision
  • Good comfort
  • Available in daily, 2 weekly and monthly options
  • Available in Daily Reusable and Extended Wear