Eye examination

At Alton Murphy Opticians you can be assured that you will receive an examination of the highest standard. Our fully qualified Optometrists will conduct a thorough eye examination to establish your standard of vision and the health of your eyes. The Optometrist will advise you whether or not you need visual correction. If signs of any condition or general health problems are detected, additional tests may be carried out which may lead to a referral to your Doctor or Ophthamologist for further investigation.

All of our Optometrists are registered to take part in Welsh Eye Care Service (WECS). This is a Welsh Assembly Government funded Welsh Eye Care Initiative to preserve sight through the early detection of eye disease and to give help to those who have low vision and whose sight is unlikely to improve. For further information click on www.eyecarewales.nhs.uk

Retinal photography

Retinal photography gives us the opportunity to detect view and monitor early signs of any sight threatening eye conditions. This takes a digital image of the back of the eye which can be captured and kept on file for future monitoring. This retinal screening technology is available at selected branches at an additional cost.