Options – Types – Lifestyle requirements

Our dispensing team are here to advise you.

Spectacle Lenses

The type of spectacle lenses you will require depends on a variety of things…

Such as, Prescription – Life Style – Preference

Our dispensing team will advise and guide you with their expert knowledge as to what is best suited for your eyes.

  • From single vision lenses to multifocal lenses
  • Thin and light lenses for higher prescriptions
  • Occupational lenses
  • Light weight and scratch resistant coatings
  • Anti-reflective coatings to reduce glare
  • UV coatings
  • Night driving lenses
  • Sports lenses
  • Polaroid lenses
  • Tints and sunglass lenses
  • Light sensitive lenses (transitions) that change according to light conditions.

Whatever your lens requirement – As independent opticians we are able to source the best lenses suited to your eyes.

We can provide lenses that are:

  • Thin
  • Lightweight
  • Scratch resistant and anti-reflective,
  • and if you are sensitive to the sun’s glare, we can provide you with light sensitive lenses (Transitions) that change colour according to light conditions.

Our advisor’s who are highly trained in assessing individual customer requirements, will take you through our range of bespoke and custom-fit lenses, which features single vision, bifocals or varifocal lenses.

Anti reflection coating

By having an anti reflection coating on your lenses, you will dramatically reduce glare from driving at night, computer screens, and cosmetically improve the look of your glasses. Why not upgrade this with a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating, allowing water to run off the lens easily, and to reject grease and general dirt, making your lenses much easier to clean? Call in for information on View Protect Hi-Vision Long Life Coatings.

Colours, tints & polarised lenses

We have a wide variety of different colour tints for all lenses, from gradual tints to full tints. Brown, grey and green are best for sunglasses. Blue, pink and yellow are also available.

Polarised lenses dramatically reduce glare, improving your vision in very sunny conditions. A polarised lens is ideal for driving on wet roads or for sports such as fishing, skiing and sailing.

Light sensitive or transition lenses

Changing light conditions occur frequently, and for people who are sensitive to glare, transition lenses are the perfect solution. Transition lenses adapt to light conditions, giving you comfortable vision in bright light. Indoors, the lenses are virtually clear, outside they quickly darken in sunlight, giving you 100% UV protection.

Scratch resistant

A scratch resistant coating or hard coat protects the lens surface from scratches, so your lenses are less likely to be damaged. The extra protection prolongs the life of the lens whilst providing clearer vision.

Thin & lite lenses

Thin & lite lenses are a great solution for people with higher prescriptions, allowing greater comfort and an enhanced cosmetic appearance, enabling you to have a wider range of frames to choose from.

Varifocal lenses

Varifocals, or progressive lenses as they are sometimes referred to, combine both distance and reading prescriptions into one lens, giving comfortable, sharp vision at all distances, allowing the wearer the convenience of one pair of glasses for all purposes.

There are various designs of varifocals on the market, and the technology behind the lenses is constantly improving. The new generation of varifocal lenses is known as freeform technology. The freeform process allows lens designers to calculate and manufacture the most accurate lens possible. Wearers benefit from lenses that have the highest degree of optical accuracy and a considerably wider focused viewing area.

We are pleased to offer you our own brand Free Form Varifocal Technology. Please call in for more information or if you require a Varifocal consultation please contact your nearest branch for a consultation.